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Courteney Cox Nipple Gate – Part 2

Monday, May 16th, 2011

Back by popular demand is another round of everyone’s favorite cougar with another nipple slip. Courteney Cox’s bikini tops don’t like staying up. What’s up with that? Are her enhancements so big that they’re forcing her bikini tops to fall over? Inquiring minds do want to know Courteney. Whatever it is, it’s great entertainment and as long as you’re slipping we’re dipping. We love you Courteney!!

Courteney Cox Nipple Gate

Monday, April 11th, 2011

Oh boy, now when I think of hot cougars, this picture of TV and screen star Courteney Cox’s nipple slip will come to mind. Right now I guess I want to SCREAM at the sight of Courteney’s buxom-ness. Hmmmm….they look real. At least her surgeon did a good job but we all know that in “true reality” no 45+ yr old has “real breasts” that withstand gravity like hers is doing in this pic.